Netherton Methodist Church

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Previously known as Netherton Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Class meetings held in Netherton from 1767.

Societies established at Netherton and at South Crosland by 1797, using Joseph Beaumont’s house at Road Side and Joseph Taylor’s house at Hill Top (both in Netherton) and George Roberts’s house in South Crosland for meetings.

All the members joined the Methodist New Connexion during 1797-99; they then held services at a cottage in South Crosland for some years but appear to have eventually rejoined the Wesleyans.

Undenominational school at Jumble built jointly by Baptists, Independents, and Wesleyan Methodists 1822; Wesleyans used it for Sunday evening services from 1822; members went to Honley Wesleyan Methodist Church for other services.

Used a room called the “Long Baulk” in Netherton Fold for services from 1835 or 1844.

Sunday School established c.1848.

Used Oddfellows Hall for Sunday Services from 1860; “Long Baulk” continued to be used for Sunday School and week night services.

Chapel built in Chapel Street 1866, opened 1867.

Old chapel demolished and new chapel built on same site 1986.

Still in existence 2009.

Records relating to this church can be found at WYAS: Kirklees under the reference numbers NM/HSC, KC784 WYK1111.