Dalton St Paul's Methodist Church

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Previously known as Moldgreen Wesleyan Methodist Church; later known as Dalton St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Class held c.1800, using cottage at Lea Head in Dalton.

Moved to John Taylor's house in Nettleton c.1820.

Also used preaching room over two cottages at Upper Heaton (formerly used by Swedenborgians) from 1828.

Services held in Moldgreen 1833-34, using cloth pressing shop of a mill near Chapel Street.

Chapel built in Chapel Street 1835.

Sunday School established 1835.

Meetings continued to be held at Nettleton and Upper Heaton after chapel built in Moldgreen.

Nearly all congregation left to become Wesleyan Reformers 1851.

Chapel sold by trustees to private buyer 1855.

Chapel bought by Wesleyan Reformers (see below) 1857.

Wesleyan meetings at Nettleton and Upper Heaton continued to be held however; Wesleyans eventually re-established themselves in Moldgreen from these meetings.

Services and Sunday School re-established 1878-79, using an old schoolroom at Malham Place at foot of Almondbury Bank (corner of School Street and Bankfield Road).

New chapel built in Wakefield Road 1913-14.

Called Dalton St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Church from 1914.

Chapel damaged by fire 1983.

Chapel rebuilt and reopened 1985.

Still in existence 2009.