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There are three ways to create a new page on Off The Record.

Suggest a page title

  • Type your suggested title into the box below and click Create new page.
  • If the page does not exist, you will be taken to an edit screen so you can start adding text. If it already exists, you will be able to edit the existing article. Further information can be found on the Help pages

Or search and create

  • Search for your proposed page title using the search box on the left of the page.
  • If the page already exists, click through to it and add your contribution.
  • If the page does not exist, you will see a link to create this page. By clicking on that link you will be able to start adding text.

Or link to new page from an existing page

  • Create a new page by putting a link to it on an existing page.
  • For example, typing [[Yorkshire Puddings]], gives you Yorkshire Puddings.
  • Then click on the link and add your text to the new page.