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On The Record is a site created for and by West Yorkshire Archive Service's staff and users. You are encouraged to submit articles about historical records held by West Yorkshire Archive Service, or about documents held elsewhere which relate to the history of West Yorkshire or link to the collections held by West Yorkshire Archive Service.

Creating an Account

If you would like to contribute to the Wiki you will need to set up an account. To set up an account please email West Yorkshire Archive Service using the following email address and provide the following details;

  • The Username you want to use.
  • Your email address.

We will manually set up your account as soon as possible. When your account is ready you will receive an email providing your logon details.

What can I Contribute?

There are many ways to contribute, see below for some ideas.

  • Supplement the WYAS online catalogue entry. You can contribute information about an item or collection where our online catalogue does not provide full details. Please remember to include the collection reference e.g. 95D74 or WYC:1356/2/1
  • You could publish a transcription of one of the documents in our collections (remember to check whether the document could be in copyright as putting something on a website is "electronic publishing”)
  • Perhaps you have indexed a parish register or produced a list of all the deeds relating to a piece of land or building held in different archives. If you think might be of interest to researchers you can contribute it here.
  • Submit further information about individuals, businesses or organizations past or present whose records are held by the archive service or who are mentioned in records held at one of our offices.
  • Provide research guidance or source lists on where to find records on a particular topic, maybe, for example you have discovered records relating to West Yorkshire held elsewhere in the country. If you are referring to material held by offices outside West Yorkshire Archive Service e.g. the Borthwick Institute, The National Archives please make this clear.

If you don’t have any information to contribute yourself, why not make suggestions for topics or people you would like to entries on in the Wiki. Remember to check first that there isn’t already and entry and be aware that if you have a specific research query you need to contact one of our officesor use the research service

Have you come across some archives which are not deposited with West Yorkshire Archive Service, but which are relevant to local history or family history research in West Yorkshire? If so, you can contribute what you know on WYAS Wiki. Perhaps you have inherited some archives which you feel have a relevance to people outside your family.

As far as possible please ensure that what you post is factually correct and that you have the right to post it and are not infringing copyright or data protection legislation in doing so. Please do not post offensive or malicious content. Please see our Terms & Conditions.