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This is a backup copy of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. Editing and account creation are disabled.

General disclaimer

Like all wikis Off The Record is an online collaborative project. This allows anyone with an Internet connection to add to or alter its content.

We hope that you will find its content interesting and useful. However, West Yorkshire Archive Service cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here.

To provide feedback or report unsuitable material please contact (insert link)

1 Purpose

1.1 Off The Record is a collaborative website to which any registered user is invited to contribute information about records held by West Yorkshire Archive Service or topics relevant to the Archive Services's collections. Anyone can add a new page or edit an exisiting one. It is hosted by West Yorkshire Joint Services.

2 Reuse

2.1 The content of Off The Record can be used for personal or non-commercial purposes.

2.2 Do not copy and paste content from this website into external websites; please create a hyperlink to the relevant wiki page instead.

2.3 West Yorkshire Archive Service reserves the right to remove or change web pages without notification.

3 Reliability

3.1 West Yorkshire Archive Service make no guarantee of the accuracy of information contained within Off The Record.

3.2 When using or contributing to Off The Record please remember that it is always a work in progress.

3.3 External websites: the maintenance of links to external websites are not the responsibility of West Yorkshire Archive Service. West Yorkshire Archive Service accepts no responsibility for the content of external websites.

4 Contributing

4.1 If you add or edit a page on Off The Record you must accept that other users may edit or delete your contribution.

4.2 If you submit information to Off The Record it is your responsibility to ensure you are entitled to do so.

4.3 Contributions to Off The Record must not:

  • breach the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • constitute a breach of copyright
  • be racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive or are otherwise objectionable
  • advertise either directly or via a hyperlink to a commercial website
  • contain content or link to a webpage or website which could damage a user's computer or network

4.4 West Yorkshire Archive Service reserves the right to delete any contributions at any time without explanation.

5 Privacy

5.1 This website requires users which wish to contribute to Off The Record to register. If you only view the wiki no information will be collected other than the user's IP address that is automatically recognised by the web server. For further informaton see our Privacy Policy.