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Under the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1929, the County Council took over the functions of the Board of Guardians. It became responsible for the relief of the poor both in poor law institutions, as the workhouses had become known, and for outdoor relief. From 1931-1935 outdoor relief included the distribution of means tested transitional benefits to those who had exhausted their unemployment insurance benefits.

In November 1929 Lawrence Richmond, clerk to the Sheffield Board of Guardians was appointed as Public Assistance Officer. The title of the post was changed to that of Welfare Officer in 1943. Mrs G Kitchen was appointed as first Children's Officer in 1938.

The Local Authority Social Services Act, 1970 required local authorities to appoint a Director of Social Services, which the West Riding did in September of that year. The name of the department was changed from Welfare to Social Services.

The reference for this collection is WRD12